Intensive Outpatient Programming

Intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers  individualized patient care for substance use and mental health disorders.

Our licensed therapists have extensive experience working with substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders, sexual trauma, depressions, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder to name a few.

Consisting of up to 45 days of 10 or more hours of per week of group, individual, community service & support, through traditional as well as recreational therapies, emphasis on our Spiritual, Fitness, Nutritional and Education Solutions we solidify, expand, and put into practice the tools and skills necessary for overall recovery, health and well-being.

Our program includes relationship building, assessing and solidifying behavior patterns, internal motivations and coping skills, all while enhancing themselves spirituality.

We guide the individual on how to recognize and change behavior patterns, recognize relapse triggers, assess and evaluate daily thoughts, actions, and behaviors to permanently encourage positive change, growth, and contribution to themselves, their family, community and friends.

Education is key ! Courses on prevention, the disease process, nutrition & wellness provides a unique and specialized approach to treating the individual suffering from a DIS-EASE and DIS-SATISFACTION that comes from within.

Individual & Family Therapy is a core focus of the AGAPE Wellness method and model.

Group sessions allow for increased accountability and support as old patterns often re-emerge; and the community environment encourages regrowth and a rebuild of the family and social systems.

As we continue to monitor the client’s internal motivation through continued assessment and evaluation , we see Gaining of more freedom through the reintegration process; the spiritual growth continues

This all encompassing program also focuses on providing an individualized approach to treatment, working around the schedules of the patients while they work or attend school.

We believe in an integrative approach,  which includes addressing the whole person, mind, body and spirit, which we know is essential for long lasting wellness and recovery.

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