Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis or Co-Curring Disorder is a term for when someone experiences a mental illness and a substance abuse problem simultaneously.

Up to 65.5% of people with a substance dependence disorder had at least one mental disorder and 51% of people with a mental disorder had at least one substance abuse disorder.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2010.

Co-occurring mental health conditions and substance use disorders affect nearly 8.9 million Americans each year. Of those only 7.4% receive appropriate treatment, with the vast majority bounced among treatment systems with different and opposing treatment structures.


We know  that these poor outcomes result as much from these separate and contradictory systems of care as from the diagnoses themselves.

In order to help such individuals,  it’s important to seek out integrative treatment —a place where one can receive care for both their addiction and mental illness at the same time in one, stable setting. This means approaching both illnesses as chronic, relapsing conditions that require long-term support.

There are many variations, but all can be assessed,  addressed and treated with a comprehensive and individualized plan and the individual can experience long-term recovery from both.

Ref : http://www.dualdiagnosis.org/

AGAPE Wellness has a fantastic team of licensed mental health, licensed clinical social workers and substance abuse counselors that provide a comprehensive dual diagnosis program within our AGAPE Wellness model

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