Chiropractic is a complete system of healthcare focused on restoring, preserving, and optimizing health with natural, hands-on care. While western medicine focuses on curing illness through surgery and pharmaceuticals, chiropractic is non-invasive and seeks to optimize health without drugs or surgery. Clients with substance use disorders, compulsive impulsive disorders, anxiety, depression, cravings and insomnia lack dopamine in the brain and are often found to have spinal subluxations. Chiropractic corrects these subluxations to allow the “reward system” of the brain to function properly and increase dopamine levels.

The Research

Research published in Molecular Psychiatry showed:

Reduced anxiety, depression, cravings
Less need for strong pain relief and psychiatric drugs by correcting spinal subluxations
Dramatically increased success rates for drug detoxification
In an 18-month Chiropractic study:

• 100% of the Active Care group completed the 28-day treatment model, while only 56% of the Usual Care Group completed the 28 days.

• At four weeks, the Active Care group showed a significant decrease in anxiety (Spielberger State Anxiety score).

• Among the Active Group, only 9% made one or more visits to the nursing station, while 56% of the Placebo group and 48% of the Usual Care Group visited the nursing station.

ACACD Treatment Outcomes Published in Molecular Psychiatry, Vol. 6, February, 2001


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