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Receiving attention for drug or alcohol abuse is a commendable decision and should be encouraged and supported. When a person commits to getting clean and sober, a strong care center that provides faith based services and a Christian support network helps ensure success and decrease the risk of relapse.

Studies have shown that people who choose a faith-based (Christian) approach to addiction recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober.

If you feel you want more of a spiritual connection but are not yet sure what you believe, our groups can help you to explore these options.  It gives you the chance to explore your spirituality while working on recovering from alcohol or drug addiction so you can develop a stronger spiritual connection at the same time you overcome your addictions.

Those who want, can participate in the spiritual aspects of our program.

Individuals coming to AGAPE not only receive a holistic approach to recovery from life-controlling problems, but acquire a new value system that honors family, takes responsibility for community, cultivates a positive work ethic, and helps them become productive, healthy members of society.

With a focusing on the practical applications of Christian teachings, learning how to change deeply entrenched, self-destructive behavior and discover a new identity in A Higher Power (CHRIST) that makes these changes possible.

We view your addiction as an attempt to compensate for an inner sense of spiritual emptiness; and will teach and encourage you on how  to strengthen your spiritual foundation in order to overcome the need for alcohol or drugs.

We view your relationship with God as an important aspect of healing and operate from the same core values that are important to you, which can help you feel more supported as you seek healing from your addiction.

You’ll be able to talk to staff about your religious or spiritual concerns as well as your psychological and physical needs, which can be helpful if you are trying to forgive yourself or seek forgiveness from God for the way you behaved while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

We will give you the chance to fellowship with other believers who are going through the same trials that you are. This can help strengthen your faith and allow you to realize that many people who believe in God struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. You can also help support and inspire other people who are going through the program. You may be able to continue fellowshipping with group members after you leave rehab. Some religious people find that this helps give meaning to their struggle with alcohol and drugs; they feel like they were chosen by God to help others who are suffering. After recovering with drug or alcohol addiction, many former addicts start believing that their difficulties were part of God’s plan for them.

Our Program is composed of professionally trained clinicians who care and are committed Christians.

Our staff is dedicated to providing Christ-centered counseling and the integration of sound psychological practices in the recovery process.

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