Substance Abuse

Many individuals may need substance abuse, but do not know what is actually is or where to start.

It can start out as a habit, in which the user has control over how much and often the substance is taken. But what starts as simple use can change very rapidly into chronic and recurring use.

Substance abuse does not discriminate. Due to the addictive nature and properties associated with drugs and alcohol these days, and triggered or metastasized by unresolved underlying issues, substance use disorders can occur quickly and rapidly.

Substance abuse includes not only the use and abuse of illicit drugs, but legal ones also, such as alcohol and prescription medications.


The substances alter the brain’s functions, changing the way a person acts, thinks and behaves, and controls the user, making life without the substance incredibly difficult.

AGAPE Wellness offers treatment services to clients, based upon his or her individual needs as assessed through comprehensive evaluations at admission and throughout their participation in the treatment program.

In reality, addiction is a deep rooted and chronic need that takes time to break.

Many assume that drug abuse is a rare phenomenon, : the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 24.6 million Americans aged 12 and older used an illicit drug in the past month in 2013.

With the proper attention, program &  plan anyone can gain control and begin to live an abundant full life!

We at AGAPE offer comprehensive psychological, sociological, physiological, and spiritual solution to get back on track.

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